Thursday, 27 October 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Make it Yours for the Class & Performance

The tech giant Samsung has spellbound the whole world with its incredibly wonderful Galaxy handset of the ‘S’ series, which is luring the people with its astonishing edged-display and rich features. So, here is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB model in my hand and now, I can vouch for its design and built. Bringing this device for consumers, company has proved what a premium handset it is. And here it is- the flagship handset of South Korean tech juggernaut, which is applauded for its curved dual-edge display, premium built, staggering camera, and incredible performance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black
Rumour Mill for Galaxy S7 Mini & Galaxy S7 Active

Well, the rumours are spilling the beans for the launch of Galaxy S7 Mini and Galaxy S7 Active. However, the original Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are already equipped with IP68 water resistant certificate, which is good enough to keep the phone alive in the deep water. And, if we believe in the rumours, then the company is planning to launch the rugged variant of this durable handset. So, you can’t imagine what the company will be offering you for adding more durability in the anticipated Galaxy S7 Active variant.

Samsung’s 2016 Flagship is now here

Let’s get back to the Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, which has a dual-edge screen. The display on the side edges of the screen makes the handset an elegant looking smartphone with impressive appearance. The handset is incredibly perfect with its rich hardware and software innards. The battery is powerful with Quick Charging that can charge your handset for ninety percent in just 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold
However, this plushy handset shares the specs with the Galaxy S7, but you cannot say both handsets identical in specifications. They offer the slight differences in almost every specification.

The Alluring Display with Classy Looks & Superb Technology

The main screen is 5.5-inch in the Edge model, which is just 5.1-inch in the original Galaxy S7 model. However, the screen resolution is the same for both handsets.
The Super AMOLED display is just amazing to enhance your experience in accessing apps. The Force Touch display is also advanced to show you the sophistication along with elegance while scrolling finger on the touchscreen. The Ultra sleek body with Gorilla Glass 5 Coating enhances the durability of this handset.

Winner in the Performance:

The company has integrated a powerful Exynos 8890 Octa processor which is clocked at 2.3 GHz to offer boosting performance. Thus, we got the chance to experience the more powerful handset with improved CPU and GPU than the predecessor.

Comeback of MicroSD Card Slot

The company has also embedded its flagship handset with a 4GB RAM and gives people the option of choosing either 32GB or 64GB storage variant, according to their storage need and budget. Well, the South Korean tech giant has brought its microSD card slot back with this new device and is offering the staggering expandable storage of up to 200GB.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Silver
 An Incredible Camera for Wonderful Pictures

The camera is also an incredible innovation done by the tech giant. Although, you find it less capable in the performance checking the specs list with a 12MP camera, which is quite lower than the predecessor’s camera module. But, don’t just measure the capability and quality of a camera through its megapixels.

It’s not all about making a shot perfect in quality. There are a lot of factors more important than the megapixels to achieve staggering results in picture-taking. The f/1.7 aperture lens and several other improved and high-end features of the camera are available to make your picture-taking experience amazing. If you are a great instagramer, then you must buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB smartphone from an online store at a reasonable rate.

Some Other Features to Conclude the Competence:

The company has endowed the handset with the latest Android Marshmallow OS, which is topped with company’s improved TouchWiz UI to offer a great UI experience. The Nova Launcher is recommended to use for getting better experience in handling the UI with Android Marshmallow.

So, if you admire the glorious appeal of a handset and want to taste a flagship, then you can make this Galaxy smartphone your handheld, paying a good amount of money.

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