Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Which Premium Samsung Mobile you will buy? Galaxy S7 Edge or Note 7!!

The industry of smartphone is getting bigger day by day and the South Korean tech gargantuan Samsung is soaring in this industry with its range of Android smartphones. The latest launch in its Galaxy Note series has brought a lot of pizzazz inside it to captivate people with built and specs.  Most of the smartphone users prefer buying Samsung mobile phones due to its huge range of devices in every price range.

If you are short on money, then you can find several smartphones of the company within your budget. But, if you are looking for something premium, then why don’t you give a try to Galaxy S7 Edge or the newly-launched Note 7. We are discussing the differences between these two high-end devices here to help you in finding your choice of handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Silver
First time in the history of this South Korean tech giant, it has changed the naming convention with the new member of Note family. The Note 7 just after the Note 5, the company has made people surprised skipping the 6. Well, this could be for showing the world the unite of Samsung’s two premium Galaxy families, the S series and Note series. The similarity in few hardware and software specs can be seen easily in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Note 7.  But, there are few differences as well to prove their disparity with each other and to help you in deciding which one is good for your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 64GB Gold
Both have curved edge display, but differ in the display size and Gorilla coating. The successor of Note 5 has 5.7-inch display with Gorilla Glass 5 while the S7 Edge has 5.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 4. We can vouch for the premium quality in both handsets, having same glass back panels and aluminium chassis. But, if you are looking for a little handy phone, then you should go with the S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB Black
When trying to compare the 2016’s hit device with the new phablet in performance, then there is no major difference to prove. With Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 chipset variants, both handsets give the feel of the unit of two series. But, the new Note has an iris scanner which is more secure than fingerprint scanner and is very accurate and fast in performing the scanning.
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Gold
Bringing the edged display in Note 7, you can now experience the new way of accessing apps, which was available till yet with S series phones. And, the S Pen stylus is also there in this new phablet to make this handset a best buy. However, it’s your decision. You can buy Samsung mobile online of your choice, which you find best for your purpose and within your budget.

Well, when talking about the camera, then you again find the similarity. In battery, Galaxy S7 Edge seems on the top, against the Note 7 with bigger battery for a smaller screen than new Note. The storage and the price are the points, where this newly-launched handset can compel you. It has larger storage space (64GB, AU$1,129.00) than the S7 Edge (32GB, AU$824.00). Well, the choice is all yours to pick the handset which can attract you most and can fit in your wallet as well.

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